Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention Training Program

Training Program
Before an act of violence takes place, it is necessary that you organize and train for (1) awareness and (2) prevention of potential disturbances or open displays of hostility in your workplace. We suggest that you consider Dr. Kenneth Mills, Advisor and Workplace Violence Prevention Specialist as a consultant.

Many companies fail to properly address one or both parts of the equation. Sometimes they are aware of the potential for violence, but they fail to act to prevent it, for whatever reason. Sometimes they find themselves attempting to prevent something of which they are largely unaware. And sometimes companies seem to prefer denial of both awareness and prevention by claiming it can't happen to them.

The goal of a good workplace violence prevention program is to be proactive rather than reactive. We recommend the following:

Step 1: Initial Survey and Assessment

We propose that you invite Dr. Kenneth Mills to visit your corporate headquarters for two days of fact-finding. On the first day he meets with top executives and your security team. On the second day he meets with a pre-selected group of about 10 people, representatives from each department, who form a Workplace Violence Response Team (WVRT).

Step 2: Organize and Train your Workplace Violence Response Team (WVRT)

A 2-day workshop is conducted where your company policy for violence prevention is reviewed and rewritten if necessary for maximum effect.

Step 3: Train Executives and Supervisory Personnel

After the WVRT is organized and trained, training should commence at the district manager level and above including all home office and security staff if applicable. This training requires study about workplace violence awareness, prevention, event response and aftermath.

Step 4: Train Employees

Training is the given throughout the company either as a 1-hour online course or as a guided workbook with exam to be graded by the IAFP home team. A certificate will be issued and emailed to each participant upon completion of the training with a passing grade. Ongoing education takes place each quarter through additional training and testing.

About Kenneth Mills, MRE, MDiv, DMin, PhD

Kenneth Mills, clinical psychologist, cognitive behavioral specialist and workplace violence prevention specialist, is the CEO of Dr. Kenneth Mills Management and Consultancy and a founding member of the International Academy of Forensic Professionals (IAFP), headquartered in Palm Springs, California. He is also the founding executive director of the Manila Counseling Center, a private psychological counseling service, and Safe Place Manila, an advocacy organization for the rescue and rehabilitation of indigent street children in the Philippines. His cross cultural experience with urban stress, human relation issues, business organizational systems analysis, leadership, team building, conflict resolution and workplace violence prevention makes him a sought after consultant, lecturer, instructor and motivational speaker.

Dr. Mills' work often involves collaborating with corporate HR and management professionals to design and implement comprehensive workplace violence prevention programs by writing and adopting policies, implementing procedures and developing strategies for ongoing training.

His corporate clients include the Royal Dutch Shell Corporation in Asia, Federal Express Asia, British Airways, Continental Airlines, the Philippine Institute for Supply Management (PISM), Asia Steel, Grosse Pointe Medical Services, Sun Microsystems Asia, Sharpe Electronics and The Central Institute for Women in Mandaluyong City (Metro Manila), a 6000 person maximum security prison.

Dr. Mills serves as an advisor and instructor for the American Institute of Forensic Education (AIFE). His most recent projects include a published article for The Forensic Digest (Spring 2009) entitled Violence in the Workplace. He is presently teaching (1) Workplace Violence: Awareness and Prevention, (2) Workplace Violence: Event Response and Aftermath and (3) Workplace Violence: Bullies and How to Stop Them before Violence Begins.

Dr. Mills attended Gardner Webb University in Shelby, North Carolina, is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and holds advanced degrees from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky and The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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