For over 26 years, American Forensic Nurses, Inc. has specialized in mobile forensic specimen collection in Southern California, USA. In 1983, Ms. Battiste-Otto, RN had first observed the excessive time wasted by law enforcement in Emergency Departments waiting for hospital staff to get around to drawing blood from suspects under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and, collecting forensic evidence from victims and perpetrators. Since that time, we have built a solid organization of forensic medical professionals who provide mobile forensic services.

Forensically trained technicians are available 24 hours a day and available within minutes of a telephone call to our Dispatch Center to render a variety of forensic services at a jail facility, hospital, DUI checkpoint, or traffic accident location.

Our staff of medical personnel have been thoroughly trained in the methods of evidence gathering and chain of custody required by each jurisdiction we serve. Our management and technical staff are aware of the special circumstances involved in the handling of recalcitrant subjects; the company's continuous training program incorporates current techniques in dealing with these special circumstance cases.

So, not only do we eliminate unnecessary officer downtime by responding directly to your requested location, we provide evidence of the greatest possible usefulness in courts of law.

For more information, telephone 760.322.9925 or email References are available upon request.

Evidence collection services provided by our staff of forensically trained mobile medical professionals:

Male and Female Sexual Assault Suspect Examinations
Trace Evidence Collection/Reference Kit
Post-Mortem Specimens
Court Testimony
DUI Alcohol and Drug Specimens
Parole Violations
Gang Sweeps
Officer Involved Incidents
Taser Dart Removal
Inmate Blood Specimens
Saliva Samples


Trial Studies
Discrete Celebrity Specimen Collections
DNA Database Collections (Juvenile / Adult)
Paternity (blood and saliva)
Hair Follicle Collections


For private entities providing services to individuals who are homebound, our professionally trained technicians, in strict observance of in-home patient protocols will collect and transport specimen samples to a designated laboratory.

Peak and Trough
Drug Levels
Blood Cultures
Type and Cross Matching
Complete Metabolic Testing
Basic Metabolic Testing
Fasting Levels
Coumadin/Heparin Levels
Pulse Oximetry
Urine Collection
Fecal Collection

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