American Institute of Forensic Education (AIFE) offers online professional-level continuing education courses for Registered Nurses, Certified Phlebotomy Technicians (CPT) and other forensic professionals. Our forensic educators are internationally recognized expert practitioners who bring with them innovations in clinical forensic practice, research and theory. All course content is carefully researched and peer reviewed.

AIFE is approved as a continuing education provider for Registered Nurses and Certified Phlebotomist Technicians (CPT). Courses are especially designed to meet the continuing education requirements of registered nurses and clinical laboratory scientists, medical technologists, medical laboratory technicians, phlebotomists, certified phlebotomy technicians (CPT), students, and other CLS personnel.

Workplace Violence: Awareness and Prevention Course
This course is intended to assist those individuals and groups of people who are responsible for or who wish to establish workplace violence prevention initiatives at their work or agencies by better understanding the complexities of workplace violence.

Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention Training Program
The goal of an excellent workplace violence prevention program is to be proactive rather than reactive. Dr. Kenneth Mills is the resident expert consultant at AIFE. He will assist as your company forms a Workplace Violence Response Team (WVRT) and train every employee in your organization about workplace violence awareness, prevention, event response and aftermath. A certificate will be issued and emailed to each participant upon completion of the training with a passing grade. Ongoing education is arranged each quarter through additional training and testing.

Other courses offered are:

Forensic Evidence Collection in the Emergency Department
Forensic Evidence Collection in the Clinical Setting
Documentation and Communication
Forensic Nurse Death Investigators (FNDI)
An Introduction to Forensic Photoshop
Chain of Custody
An Introduction to General Crime Scene Investigation

To review the complete catalogue of courses click here.

Phlebotomy Continuing Education (CLS)
The Institute offers accredited professional-level continuing education online courses for certified phlebotomy technicians (CPT). The phlebotomy online training program is innovative, and allows students to study at their own convenience and pace. The Continuing Education Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science in California (California Department of Public Health, Laboratory Field Services) has approved the American Institute of Forensic Education, Inc., as a continuing education provider.

Forensic Blood Specimen Collection and Handling
Legal Issues Associated with Phlebotomy
An Introduction to Chain of Custody

University of California-Riverside in partnership with American Forensic Nurses presents two outstanding and comprehensive training program. This certificate program is designed to prepare and introduce re- gistered nurses, qualified health and non-health care professionals to the forensic aspects of health care and the legal side of public service.

Forensic Nursing Certificate
The University of California, in cooperation with American Forensic Nurses, presents a comprehensive online Forensic Nursing Certificate program. Trauma, acts of violence, mass casualty incidents, sexual assault and human abuse are explored as they relate to evidence collection in healthcare and other workplace settings. If you are interested in, or want to become involved in the investigative sciences, this comprehensive online Certificate in Forensic Nursing is extremely beneficial. The units earned in the program are postgraduate professional level designed for professional and occupational advancement.

These online courses offered at Greenville Tech, Buck Mickel Center are ANCC approved. They are designed to expand the forensic participant's current knowledge and to keep the student up to date with the latest developments in the forensic sciences, enabling participants to meet their professional goals and the requirements of employers. Courses include:

Basic Evidence Collection
Reproductive Anatomy of the Male and Female
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Child Maltreatment
Identification of Injuries
Elder Abuse

Our Sexual Assault Examination Training Tools helps forensic professionals advance skills in all aspects of sexual assault forensic examinations. These comprehensive and cost effective training tools include:

Sexual Assault Examination Training Video/DVD with Instructional Reference Guide
Photographic Slides of Adult
Photographic Slides of Child Injuries
Sexual Assault Examination Team Procedures Manual
A Guide to CSI

AFN has partnered with Genetica DNA Laboratories to perform DNA Parentage testing. Our services are accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks, the United States Department of Human Services and the New York Department of Health. Tests are administered with care and strict confidentiality. Accuracy of results is guaranteed to be greater than 99.9%. The tests are accepted in all courts throughout the country. Pricing is affordable. Results are usually available within 48 hours. Contact us at 760.322.9925 or e-mail

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