"UC Riverside Extension's Certificate in Forensic Nursing named Outstanding Credit Program of the Year from University of Continuing Education Association..."

The University of California Riverside in partnership with American Forensic Nurses, Inc. presents online, the Forensic Nursing Certificate, a comprehensive program designed to introduce nurses to the forensic aspects of health care and public service. The individual course modules are structured to provide both core content and an introduction to several sub-specialties within the discipline including death investigation, correctional nursing, forensic psychiatry, forensic photography and clinical forensic nursing. The role of the forensic specialist within the health care environment is emphasized throughout. Trauma, acts of violence, mass casualty incidents, sexual assault and human abuse are explored as they relate to evidence collection and preservation, documentation and follow-up procedures as performed by health care providers. Victimology is explored as it relates to changing trends of violence in our society. Nationally recognized experts host discussion sessions and serve as links to mentors in selected forensic science specialties.

Each course provides an instructor and a definite time frame for completing assignments, homework and required online sessions, i.e., discussion boards or chat sessions between the students and the instructor. Participants are given assignments, homework, online quizzes or research projects with rigid due dates that are submitted via email to the instructor. Course materials are accessed online. A final exam for each course is provided online and can be accessed by the participant during a specified period of time. The units earned in the required classes are "post-graduate professional level" credit designed for professional and occupational advancement. All required courses are letter-graded and have undergone a rigorous approval process by UC Riverside. Blackboard is used as the learning management system. Each course provides California BRN credit for nurses. Upon successful completion of this 16 unit program, the participant will receive a Certificate in Forensic Nursing from the University of California, an accredited educational institution.

(14 UNITS)

Introduction to Forensic Sciences Within Healthcare Settings (3 units), Forensic Approaches to Blunt Force and Firearm Injuries (2 units), Forensic Approaches to Human Abuse Injuries (2 units), Crime Scene Preservation and Death Investigation in Healthcare Settings (1 unit), Occupational Considerations in Forensic Nursing (2 units), Forensic Approaches to Mental Health Assessment (1 unit), Courtroom Testimony by the Healthcare Specialist (1 unit), Forensic Photography in the Healthcare Setting (1 unit), and Forensic Approaches to Domestic Violence (1 unit).

Elective Courses (2 UNITS)

The Sexual Assault Examination Training Program: Adult and Adolescent (4 units), Clinical Ethics in Managed Care (1.5 units), Introduction to Forensic Pathology for Healthcare Specialist (2 units)

Upon Completion of the Program, the Participant will be able to:

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