Faye Battiste Otto, RN

Founded in 1983 by Faye Battiste Otto, registered nurse, American Forensic Nurses, Inc. (AMRN) provides specific mobile forensic evidence collection services for local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in Southern California in a professional and cost effective manner.

While practicing as a hospital Emergency Room nurse, Faye observed the excessive time wasted by law enforcement officers waiting for hospital technicians to draw blood from suspects driving under the influence, as well as any other forensic services. The delay caused by waiting for sometimes violent suspects compromised the security of hospital staff and patients. This security issue became the catalyst for the development of a mobile forensic collection service specializing in providing its services on-site at the location of the incarceration of the suspect.

Now, instead of transporting a suspect to an Emergency Room, forensically trained medical technicians from American Forensic Nurses are promptly dispatched 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Forensic services include bodily fluid withdrawal/collection, (blood, urine and saliva), sexual assault suspect examinations, Taser dart removal and sampling for DNA analysis. Every staff technician is competent in the proper protocol for evidence collection as dictated by the various jurisdictional rules pertaining to a chain of possession, and are properly vetted to ensure professionalism and personal accountability.

American Forensic Nurses offers both sound managerial and fiscal reasons for joining the distinguished group of law enforcement agencies in Southern California currently using our mobile forensic services. Doing so ensures more cost effective community law enforcement.

For more information regarding services contact: 760.322.9925, or email: Faye@amrn.com.

American Forensic Nurses, (www.amrn.com), is a California approved continuing education provider. Our commitment to the advancement of education in forensic science and facilitates structured educational courses in that discipline led to the development of AIFE, the American Institute of Forensic Education (www.taife.com), an online educational enterprise that presents comprehensive, professional continuing education programs, authored and taught by internationally recognized faculty in the field of forensic science.

Forensictrak, (www.forensictrak.com), is a forensic resource center offering forensic resource materials directly and through associated site links. The forensic resources offered have been carefully selected to meet the informational needs of those interested in forensic science disciplines. Forensictrak is continuously updated to guarantee the availability of timely informational materials.

American Forensic Nurses, Inc. and Forensictrak are located in Southern California, USA.

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